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CAD/CAM software to efficiently automate your CNC Programming

We recognize that in order to maximize your operational effectiveness you need CAD/CAM nesting software that provides advanced nesting algorithms and mechanization strategies for automating the CNC programming for your industrial machines that work with sheet metal, tubes, and structural steel.

For over 25 years, Lantek has been a global leader in providing software systems and solutions that help you work efficiently and effectively.  

As Canada's authorized premium reseller of Lantek software, we're able to take our customer's feedback to help improve, enhance, and evolve their software. 

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Lantek Expert

Advanced 2D CAD/CAM Nesting Software

The world's most advanced 2D CAD/CAM nesting software system, designed for automating the CNC programming of sheet metal machines.

Lantek Expert provides the most advanced nesting algorithms and mechanization strategies for any cutting (laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, water jet technologies) and punching machines.

Lantek Expert Quattro
Software system specially designed for shear machines, optimized for nesting rectangular parts.

Lantek Expert Punch
CAD/CAM nesting software designed for automating the programming of CNC punching machines. 

Lantek Expert Cut
CAD/CAM nesting software designed to automate the CNC programming of sheet metal cutting machines (oxy-cut, plasma, laser, water jet).

Lantek Flex3d

The most adaptable CAD/CAM 3D software in the metal industry

The most flexible 3D CAD/CAM software for automating the CNC programming for 3D machining tubes, pipes, beams, profiles, and sheet metal.

It provides the most advanced nesting algorithms and machining strategies, and performs at excellent levels with machines of any of the existing technologies: laser, plasma, saw, oxy-fuel, or water jet, even combined with complementary tools like drilling, marking, milling, tapping, and others.

Lantek Flex3d CAD Addins 
Import native CAD drawings from popular CAD systems for the automatic unfolding of any sheet metal design in 3D. Ideal for integrating the 3D models with Lantek CAD/CAM/MES/ERP. It's a powerful, direct, and intuitive way to avoid unnecessary file generation.

Lantek Flex3d Tubes 
Software built from the experiences and proficiencies gained from design systems and programming for sheet metal cutting, punching and bending machines, applied to the tube cutting sector – regardless of the type of machine.

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork
Sophisticated CAD/CAM software system for designing, nesting, and cutting parts of standard beams & profiles.


Running PRIPPIT and need some support?  We are one of the few companies that still provides support for PRIPPIT software.

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